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Cello D String - Medium

Cello D String - Medium

Product Review (submitted on 17 February 2017):
This D string is a perfect pairing with the A string, as well as the G. I am supremely happy with the balance across the Rostanvo strings ... please see my other reviews here for clarification. I have always had a problem with my instrument in that I felt it wrongly "jumped" in character from string to string ... this has been mostly solved now, and this D string may in fact be the key. I understand that part of this of course, it, technique, but now I no longer feel like having to compensate with playing to make one instrument sound unified.

The reason I say that is because it needs to bridge the two problem children of the cello string set - what I see as the G through A transitions. The D string in any given set tends to sound either too bright, to match with the A, or too warm, to match with the G. Not so in this case! "Just right!" I say!

This D string is vibrant and resonant, a thrill to expound upon, and demure when it needs to be. Either I've gotten better, my cello is in a good mood, or these strings have truly opened and enriched my experience. You know .. I think it's the strings!

As I mentioned in my A string review, I need to explain that my cello is a "Euro" model (student grade) from Romania, rather heavy, and a bit aggressive in tone. I am currently playing with an Arcus M5 bow.

Prior strings included, but are not limited to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi (Soloist and Gold, Obligato, Passione, Jargar Soloist and regular, Larsen, and most recently, Warchal (both as single A, then A&D, then whole set). These are all great strings! Before this my favs were the Warchal D and the Passione D, perhaps a little leaning toward the Passione.

This Rostanvo D wins on my cello, however.