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Cello A  String - Medium

Cello A String - Medium

Product Review (submitted on 17 February 2017):
Superb! I cannot say enough about this A string. Not least, is that is sounds fantastic. What's more, it does so while being balanced tonally with the Rostanvo D, as well as G, both of which I will be reviewing shortly.

Until now, I've not had an A string I can feel does not "jump out" after string changes, so the cello now feels much more unified. It is not at all dull, yet not overly bright or at all shrill - in fact, is much more controllable than other A strings I have fitted, at least the way I play, so that when I play softly, it sounds sweet, and when I start to dig in it responds in both volume and timbre, appropriately. I can make it really sing ... in fact, until this string came along, I was unable to finish the last bars of the Bach Prelude with any satisfaction ... and now I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with it.

The open A is natural sounding and not harsh, and all the way up the fingerboard it is incredibly round, at the same time being focused, with just the right amount of brilliance for my tastes and with my cello. I have been unable to make it "break up" ... I can play as hard or as soft as I wish. It is quite responsive.

Congrats to Rostanvo for balancing singing focus and overtones!

I could go on an on, but to keep it short, and to qualify my statements, I should explain that my cello is a "Euro" model (student grade) from Romania, rather heavy, and a bit aggressive in tone. I am currently playing with an Arcus M5 bow.

Prior strings included, but are not limited to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold, Obligato, Passione, Jargar Soloist and regular, Larsen, and most recently, Warchal (both as single A and whole set). These are all great strings! Before this my favs were the Warchal A and the Passione A.

This Rostanvo A takes the cake however. Recommended!