Cello G String - Wolfram

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With its response, warmth and mellow mellow sounds, our G string offers great value for money..

Cello G String - Wolfram


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The G string for cellos tends to be a difficult string to play with a muffled, unresponsive sound; a problem often encountered with thicker strings. But this is all changed now. The Rostanvo G string is an immensely easy string to play when compared with other brands. It is responsive, powerful, deep and clear sounding offering the cellist the opportunity to shine in middle register passages with great ease.


String Type Nickel


Apr 18,2015 by Hans Jörg Pletsch

The G-String medium with tungsten from Rostanvo is for my point of view beside their D-string medium the most outstanding one in their string palette. It has a direct, well projected and easily-swinging deep sound; it is very harmonic-rich, well responsive to any bowing, surely better than any concurrence in the middle till 2 ½ octaves, where these higher registers may then offer further sound areas for playing techniques and interpretations. This string had needed less than one week for playing in, and it does not have this ‘tungsten-metallic-like sound’ as older precursors with tungsten might have had. I’m looking forward to using it in future, too. read more

Apr 08,2015 by Simon Fryer
Big step forward

Lots of power here, with the signature depth and warmth of Rostanvo. Works on my cello (a contemporary instrument) better than anything else I've tried, especially after a short period of settling in for both of us. read more

Apr 07,2013 by Thomas Rann
quick play in

The strings have been fantastic and have excellent quality and evenness of tone. It was also notable that they took very little time to 'play in' and didn't have the often jarring and metallic quality one experiences when using new strings for the first time. It seems that you have a great product and I look forward to using the strings again in future read more

Mar 29,2013 by Moises Lee
Quick Break in and perfect deep round sound

I used to play with Spirocore Tungsten, which takes really long to break in, so for few days has a fluffy metallic sound. I loved the Rostanvo G because from the beginning it gave a perfectly round deep sound. read more