Cello D String - Medium

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The first cello string we made and what inspired us to make more. It redefines what sound is possible from your instrument..

Cello D String - Medium


Love it, Guarentee!


The cello D and G strings are often forgotten when compared to the superstar A and C strings. The D in particular typically has a difficult job competing with the big, bright sounds of the A which the higher register naturally gives. This often leads to an unbalanced overall sound of the instrument.

But not anymore. Our revolutionary D has all the bright, clear openness of the A while keeping its mellow, deeper tones. Again, like all our strings, it provides unparalleled clarity and responsiveness over a large volume and register range.


String Type Medium


Feb 17,2017 by Mizamook
Excellent! Warm and Rich and Responsive!

This D string is a perfect pairing with the A string, as well as the G. I am supremely happy with the balance across the Rostanvo strings ... please see my other reviews here for clarification. I have always had a problem with my instrument in that I felt it wrongly "jumped" in character from string to string ... this has been mostly solved now, and this D string may in fact be the key. I understand that part of this of course, it, technique, but now I no longer feel like having to compensate with playing to make one instrument sound unified.

The reason I say that is because it needs to bridge the two problem children of the cello string set - what I see as the G through A transitions. The D string in any given set tends to sound either too bright, to match with the A, or too warm, to match with the G. Not so in this case! "Just right!" I say!

This D string is vibrant and resonant, a thrill to expound upon, and demure when it needs to be. Either I've gotten better, my cello is in a good mood, or these strings have truly opened and enriched my experience. You know .. I think it's the strings!

As I mentioned in my A string review, I need to explain that my cello is a "Euro" model (student grade) from Romania, rather heavy, and a bit aggressive in tone. I am currently playing with an Arcus M5 bow.

Prior strings included, but are not limited to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi (Soloist and Gold, Obligato, Passione, Jargar Soloist and regular, Larsen, and most recently, Warchal (both as single A, then A&D, then whole set). These are all great strings! Before this my favs were the Warchal D and the Passione D, perhaps a little leaning toward the Passione.

This Rostanvo D wins on my cello, however. read more

Apr 08,2015 by Simon Fryer
Big step forward

This string works with the A very well but is noticeably less brilliant than the A. I suspect that the Wolf Eliminator is getting in the way of the resonance under certain conditions. On the whole the D makes a good companion to the A - I can't imagine another string that would stand up to it. read more

Dec 13,2013 by Hans Jorg Pletsch

This outstanding new D-string medium from Rostanvo was a real revelation to me. In general the D-string on any cello (apart from one real exception) among 50 tested professional celli between £ 5000.00 till £ 100 000.00 seemed to have the greatest problems on their D-string in view of its clarity and projection, and that mainly in the upper registers close to the bridge where the D-strings are mostly to weak to the surrounding A- and G-strings. My favourite one on my soloist Bai Li Xing cello has been the D-string medium special from Jargar; the actual surrounding strings are the A-string soft from Pirastro Passione and the G-string medium wire core Tungsten from Larsen (idem the C-string). Till today this new D-string from Rostanvo was clearly the most powerful, overtone-rich D-string which I have ever come across. The sound is open, clear, full and with an excellent projection and response, and that all even closer to the bridge than with any other string. It is well balanced throughout the string self and between its surrounding strings; it supports even the C-string. On the negative side this string is too expensive, needs about one week to be properly assimilated to its surroundings and by losing its initial harshness and dominance. I had just to put on its first replacement; the 1st string did not last longer than seven and a half months. Hopefully the next one will last for longer. Summa summarum this D-string is a revelation, congratulation. read more

Sep 20,2013 by EL

Finally a D string that's deep and rich. It's a very thin string, I have to get used to it, but it is definitely a true treasure. read more

May 31,2013 by Amahl Arulanandam

Easily the best D-string I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot of strings/tensions. Huge, open and singing sound up the entire fingerboard without ever losing ease of response and clarity. read more

Mar 29,2013 by Michael Petrov
the D is to die for

Both A & D really really good but I have to say the D especially is absolutely to die for. Really great and feels like an A, so it is thin and projects. read more

Mar 29,2013 by MANABU HIROKI
best D string

The best D string I have ever tried for its rich sound and response.
It works a miracle! read more

Mar 29,2013 by Derroon Low
Wonderful D string

I finally got your strings on my cello, and the wait was certainly worth it. They sounded wonderful !
Particularly the D string.
Thank you for your fantastic service and support. You made me feel that I, the small customer, was the only one you had !
Congratulations !
read more

Mar 29,2013 by Bernhard Guenther
Great cello string

The Rostanvo D string is wonderful on my cello. After my cello was set up in a different way a couple of months ago, I went for slightly thicker strings than before. AGC sounded perfect, only the D was, depending on the type of string used, either too weak or too metallic or unbalanced between high and low register. It was a pleasure to discover your string, problem solved. read more

Mar 29,2013 by Moises Lee
Solves colour difference between cello A and D strings

I was told and read quite often that the D string was the best of your set, that it was very bright and clear, so it somewhat solved the colour difference between A and D strings. In my case, I think it's a great string, with full and deep sound, but I don't really feel the extra brightness.
Actually, in the higher register it's rather smoother than Larsen, as it happens in the A string. read more

Mar 13,2013 by JH

Great string- very warm. The D string seemed a little hushed compared to the A, but it was still very good. Thank you! read more

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