Cello C String - Wolfram

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This C string still amazes us with it's wonderfully rich and varied tones.

Cello C String - Wolfram


Love it, Guarentee!


The bigger, the more open the bass, the better. But this used to come at the price of less power and especially responsiveness. This is because thicker strings produce bigger, better sounding bass, while the thinner the string the more pliable and flexible they are to either fingering or bow stroke.

Our strings are different by offering responsive, rich bass sounds over increased registers which at the same time produce clear, transparent tones normally associated with higher strings. This has been achieved by selecting specific materials and components which are then handcrafted together.


String Type Nickel


Apr 08,2015 by Simon Fryer
Big step forward

Again, really great power and depth here. The volume of Spirocore Wolfram but with the ability to fade down to nothing when required, and stay beautiful all the way. Response is excellent - superior to my previously preferred C - (Helicore). read more

Mar 29,2013 by Moises Lee
Sound very well but a little slower response

Unlike the G string, the C string needed a couple of days to break in. I was rather surprised, because it wasn't just a metallic sound, but there was an actual extra noise. First I thought it was something in the cello that was vibrating, but I couldn't find anything like that, and the noise disappeared in few days.
Something similar happened in the A and D strings at the very beginning.
When I played the open strings loudly, I could hear very clearly one high harmonic above the others. This didn't last for more than a day, but I thought it was interesting.

About the G and C strings, they sound very well and I like them, but I don't find them so obviously superior to the Spirocore in the same way as A and D are noticeably better that Larsen (at least for my cello). Also maybe they have a little slower response, but nothing unmanageable. So I would have to try them both few more times before deciding which one I do prefer.

Finally, I congratulate you for making such high quality strings and bringing something new and exciting into the cello strings panorama. read more

Mar 29,2013 by Diana Francis
Enormous C String sound

I would like to let you know that I received my strings in the mail a few days back. I have placed the strings on my cello and I can truthfully say that these strings are the most responsive I have ever used. The C string has such an enormous sound! I perform for musicals around the city I reside and I cannot wait to put these strings to good use. They always complained in the pit that the cello was the hardest to hear, even with a pick-up . No longer!

I just want to thank you for the noticeable hard work and love that you have put into these strings. It shows that you have a dedication to making the cello sound amazing, no matter the level of instrument.

I will be recommending you to all of my cello friends!

All of my best,
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