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This string took us a long time to design and get right, but it was worth it. Find out what makes this string so special..

This string took us a long time to design and get right, but it was worth it.  Find out what makes this string so special..


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Of all the strings for cello, the A string is the most demanding. From the loudest to the quietest, from open strings right up to the highest registers, and playing with any type of bowing style, your cello needs to sound and project. It is the string on which some of the instrument’s most popular melodies get played on, the string on which the most emotionally charged moments in cello music are expressed.

These requirements, among others, translate into a difficult string to manufacture. Yet our A string meets these requirements and more. With its wide dynamic range, quick response and ability to project, it will be a massive help in any concert environment..


String Type Medium


Feb 17,2017 by Mizamook
Finally! Exciting and Balanced A string!

Superb! I cannot say enough about this A string. Not least, is that is sounds fantastic. What's more, it does so while being balanced tonally with the Rostanvo D, as well as G, both of which I will be reviewing shortly.

Until now, I've not had an A string I can feel does not "jump out" after string changes, so the cello now feels much more unified. It is not at all dull, yet not overly bright or at all shrill - in fact, is much more controllable than other A strings I have fitted, at least the way I play, so that when I play softly, it sounds sweet, and when I start to dig in it responds in both volume and timbre, appropriately. I can make it really sing ... in fact, until this string came along, I was unable to finish the last bars of the Bach Prelude with any satisfaction ... and now I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with it.

The open A is natural sounding and not harsh, and all the way up the fingerboard it is incredibly round, at the same time being focused, with just the right amount of brilliance for my tastes and with my cello. I have been unable to make it "break up" ... I can play as hard or as soft as I wish. It is quite responsive.

Congrats to Rostanvo for balancing singing focus and overtones!

I could go on an on, but to keep it short, and to qualify my statements, I should explain that my cello is a "Euro" model (student grade) from Romania, rather heavy, and a bit aggressive in tone. I am currently playing with an Arcus M5 bow.

Prior strings included, but are not limited to Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Gold, Obligato, Passione, Jargar Soloist and regular, Larsen, and most recently, Warchal (both as single A and whole set). These are all great strings! Before this my favs were the Warchal A and the Passione A.

This Rostanvo A takes the cake however. Recommended!
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Apr 18,2015 by Hans Jörg Pletsch

On my A-string dominant cello the medium A-string of Rostanvo suppresses unfortunately the free-swinging balance of all my other three Rostanvo strings. But I hope that one day they will offer a soft version, too, with e. g. an A-string tension of my actually preferred Pirastro Passione A soft. However it does not prevent me to praise candidly the quality of this outstanding string. I just love its beautiful, warm and yet very clear, and harmony rich sound evenly distributed all over 3-4 octaves along the same string with its outstanding projection and response to any bowing, where other brands could be mostly jealous of, mainly in regard of the upper two octaves. read more

Apr 08,2015 by Simon Fryer
Big step forward

I love this A string - my cello tends toward the darker side of things in the upper register but this A really opens up the brightness. Power is noticeably greater, with depth and warmth of sound to back it up. read more

Oct 12,2013 by EL

Such a beautiful string! Matches perfectly with the D string! Very beautiful sound which somehow reminds me of a gut, but with a lot of power. Wonderful strings for sure, can't wait for the lower strings! read more

Jun 04,2013 by Amahl Arulanandam

Projecting, resonant and beautiful. I get a huge sound with very little effort and the overtone spectrum is huge. My cello rings like crazy now. So far I've only tried the A and D and they're both fabulous. Waiting for the C and G to come in the mail - lets see how they stand up next to my Larsen Magnacores! read more

Mar 29,2013 by Roi Ruottinen

strings are nice. smooth, warm, beautiful. A string could be little brighter and clear. d g and c are ok read more

Mar 29,2013 by MANABU HIROKI
clear and brilliant sound

I love its clear and brilliant sound. A small issue is that its tension is a bit hard for my small hand. read more

Mar 29,2013 by Josie Fountain
lovely cello strings

I love your strings, I'm so glad I took a chance and tried them out! When I first put the set on, they had a massive resonant sound and I had heaps of comments and complements, they really suit my 18th century cello. Since then they have settled but are still sounding great with heaps of overtones.

I have lots of friends interested in trying the strings but they are put off by the price, which is a bit of a stretch for university students. I'm hoping if they last a lot longer that other brands (which seems to be the case) they won't actually cost more in the long term.

I'm so impressed with your product and initiative, please keep making lovely strings :)

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Mar 29,2013 by Moises Lee
Long lasting A String

My cello (Salomon, 1747) has a very clear and compact sound in the A string, but in the too bright side. I used to play with Larsen soloist, which has a great full sound in the beginning, but soon it becomes bright and metallic. I think Rostanvo doesn't wear up so quickly, so the good initial sound stays longer. Also I feel that the higher register has a thicker and more round sound read more

Mar 14,2013 by Richard Müller
Impressive cello strings

I have now tried the Rostanvo A and D strings in different environments and am impressed. In addition to volume, I like the density and over tones. The A string can withstand tons of pressure without losing the sound and it never screams. Thick and rich sound throughout the register. The D string is extremely thin but the sound is still wonderfully round and it sounds better than other strings I've played. The whole cello sounds better actually. I find nothing negative except that my current C and G now feels a bit flimsy in comparison. read more

Mar 13,2013 by JH

Loved the A string- very warm and it blended well in chamber, solo and orchestral settings. Good projection. Staccato needed a little more effort on both A and D, but everything else is lovely! read more

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