About Us

We are a small business but our mission is big – to revolutionise the sound of cellos!  As cellists ourselves, we embarked on trying to develop the ultimate strings for cello.  Through the help and inspiration of Stefan Popov (a star pupil of Rostropovitch from the 1960s and leading teacher of cello in the UK) we have spent the last few years continually refining and adjusting our strings to deliver the perfect acoustic performance for the discerning cellist.

Our roots began when Stefan Popov during a recording struggled to achieve the sonic response he desired on the D string.  Determined to overcome its limitations he embarked on a mission to find a string which could match the strength and projection of the A string but with the richness of lower strings.  Having surpassed his expectations additional strings soon followed which continue to revolutionise and challenge what we are used to hearing.

The result are strings for everyone, no matter what level, as they will offer the player an unparalleled sound at a fraction of the cost to upgrade to a better instrument.

The improvement in sound is so dramatic, so different to what you are currently playing on now, we firmly believe these strings mark a revolutionary stage in cello string making.  Become passionate about your instrument’s sound and fullfil your potential.

 "Thank you for your fantastic service and support"

- Krista Low, Australia

In our journery in learning about string manufacturing and the acoustic subtles we have wanted to share with cellists all of the discoveries we have learn't along the way.  Remember to check out our Resource section and blog posts which will enlighten your understanding of cello strings to a whole new level.  Beware of much of what you have heard and read previously.  A lot of it is unproven old wives tales that has no bearing on reality.

We invite you to try our strings for yourself risk free. If not satisfied, simply return them to us for a full refund.